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Getting married for the second time

October 7, 2012

Getting Married the Second Time Around


Many people often consider going for a second time around when it comes to marriage.  They understand that just because their first marriage didn’t work out they still have a chance at love and happiness.  However, before you can take a chance on a second time around and walk down the aisle again, there are some things that you need to make sure are in place so that your joyous day is not ruined by legal matters.


Before you can get remarried it’s important that you have the proper decree showing that you are legally divorced from your previous partner or the death certificate showing that your previous partner is deceased.  These certificates should be kept in a safe place that is easily accessible.  It is a good idea to have copies of the divorce decree or death certificate in place with other friends and family in the event the originals are destroyed.


If you have children from a previous marriage, make sure that getting remarried will not cause any type of legal repercussions when it comes to them.  You need to be aware of how guardianship and inheritance issues could be affected by the marriage in addition to whether or not taking a new name will cause legal problems in the future.


You should also discuss with your children the fact that you are remarrying and make sure they understand how this will affect your relationship with them.  In addition to your children, you should tell your ex-partner that you are remarrying them.  This will help all of the parties involved aware of what is going on and no one will be required to keep a secret.  You should invite your children to be part of the service and allow them to decide how involved they want to be.  Some children will be more open to you remarrying than others.  Have patience with them if they seem to be having a hard time accepting your remarriage.


Depending on your religion your wedding service may be a religious one of a civil service.  Take to the leader of your religion well ahead of time to find out if there is anything special you and your partner will need to do in order to get married.  Second marriages are quite common today and some religions are more accepting of it than others.  Don’t be afraid to have a simple civil ceremony followed if you cannot be married in the religion of your choice.


Most second marriages are paid for by the bride and groom.  Your wedding does not have to cost a fortune and you can make the day special even on a limited budget.  Sit down with your new partner and discuss what you want the wedding to be like, set a budget to work with and plan the day within that budget.  Family and friends will be willing to help out with your wedding, going as far as making your wedding cake and decorating the reception hall if you simply ask them.


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